Plant Information

These plants were watered only through the Tomato Crater. Nature supplied any moisture to the leaves. The Tomato Crater supplies constant moisture to the roots, by minimizing evaporation, and competition from weeds. Also the six slots in the bottom lets the soil breath. Water is absorbed through the warm soil so it is not cold when it reaches the root system. Even on the hottest days, your plants will not wilt as long as the roots have sufficient moisture. These benefits, plus light rich soil, are most important for having healthy plants.

Be sure to choose healthy green plants at the start of your growing season, free from yellow leaves or spots. If plants are healthy, they are not so apt to get diseases, such as with tomatoes, blight-blossom end rot, etc. if roots get dry, for even a short period, your leaves will wilt and the plant will be under stress or become sick. Try to keep your tomatoes and vines from touching the soil, we find that pruning and using bungee cords to support the heavy vines help to do this. Also we like to plant some early and late varieties, so we can have vine ripened tomatoes for a longer period. You will find, when using a Tomato Crater, you can grow lots of tomatoes in a very limited space.

You can also conserve water when growing tomatoes or peppers, when watering through the Tomato Crater. This is most important in drought conditions or areas with restricted or limited water usage. At the end of your growing season, wash your Tomato Craters and store inside, they will last for many years.

Please do not confuse this unique 2-piece heavy duty Tomato Crater with a thin flimsy one-piece product claiming some of the same benefits!