“Tomatoes and Peppers are great with this product. They control the grass that somehow appears after planting.”

“Last year, my wife bought me 2 sets of Tomato Craters for my birthday and I never had a chance to use them. This year, I used them on my first six plants and the plants that have the craters around them are over a foot taller than the plants of the same variety planted at the same time. I love these things and just ordered a bunch of them to use with the rest of my tomatoes.”

“The best things about these are the two pieces can be put together easily after planting, the color, they keep the weeds down right next to the plant and they are very sturdy.”

“Much more durable than the red plastic sheets and these tomato savers are reusable year after year. Strongly recommended for beginning or avid gardeners.”

“I used these this year on three of my tomato plants as an experiment. The plants that had these did grow faster and actually needed less water than those without. I bought another set just now so that I can use them on all my plants next year.”

“So much nicer to plant, then put the savers around the tomatoes. Keeps water from washing away soil from roots of plants, and easier to fertilize.”

“Helps with watering and I notice it also traps certain types of worms. I will get more next season.”

“A must for anyone growing tomatoes.”

“I had seen ads for these but was very sceptical. A test in my garden this year convinced me. The same variety of tomato planted in the same kind of earth box with the same soil developed MUCH faster. Unfortunately, the deer ate everything before I could harvest any tomatoes but the ones with the rings set fruit 2 weeks earlier.”

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